Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nest Tutorial- How to Make a Bird's Nest Necklace

This Tutorial is for a wire bird's nest necklace.
I had a request to do a tutorial on a necklace, so I decided to chain the nest instead of earrings. It is just as easy to make two and put them on earring hooks. I love this project because eggs in a nest has such a wonderful meaning to a mother. 
So lets get started!
Supplies needed- 
-About 2ft, 26 Gauge wire
-3, 4mm round stones
-18" Chain
-1 Jump ring
-1 Spring clasp
-Wire snips
- 2 pairs chain nose pliers

To start, take your 3 beads (I'm using 4mm Charoite on solid sterling silver) and place them about 1 inch in on your wire.
 Curve your wire and beads to make a circle, and twist it closed. Tuck your end under on the side you want to be the bottom.
 Begin wrapping your wire around the 3 beads. This will form the base of the nest.
 When you have about 6-10 wraps, take your wire and connect your outer ring to your bead ring, by weaving the wire around the outer ring to the inner ring with the beads.

 Once you have 3 or 4 wraps connecting your base to your beads, begin working on the bottom.
Twist the wire round and round in circles. Make sure your circles are all different sizes so that they cover the whole bottom. 
 When it is decently covered weave the wire around the base and the beads like before, making sure to come through the bottom so that it is connected to the top. Do this 3 or 4 times.
 Your nest should then look similar to this.
 Now it is time to make the top of the nest. Kink the wire a bit and begin wrapping it in a circle on top of the base. Do this about 10 times.
 Then begin weaving the nest like before, connecting your top to the rest of your nest.
 Keep weaving around and around sloppily until your nest is full or you have about 3" of wire left.
 Create one last weaving loop, but leave part of this loop up and pinch it together close to the base. This will create your bezel.
 Bring your wire end up and wrap it around your pinched base until secure.
 Snip the loose end and pinch it down with your chain nose pliers.
 It should then look like this.
 Now to put our pendant on a chain! This part is really simple.
 Open the ring of the spring clasp by using your 2 pairs of pliers to grip the ring and turn them away from each other to open it.
 Place your chain on the clasp.
 Turn your pliers towards each other to close the opening.
 Open your jump ring, add your chain and close the same way you did with the spring clasp.
( If your spring clasp ring does not open, you will need a second jump ring to connect it to your chain.)

 And that's it! Your very own bird's nest necklace! You can customize it any way you like!
Birth stones, more eggs, less eggs, different metals...It's all up to you!
Sorry the picture is slightly blurry...I tried to enlarge it a bit...

Next Week's Project-
Basic Bracelet

<3 Cassandra

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