Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Ultimate, Hand-made, Mama Giveaway! Nov. 10th- Nov. 14th

Woohoo! Christmas Season is coming, you know what that means? Time to start shopping! Some of you may say... "It's WAY too early to shop." For some of you, that may be so BUT it is never too early to start looking and if you plan to buy handmade, the earlier you get your gift picked out, the better...
This giveaway features 5 AWESOME, hand-made shops. At the conclusion of each feature there is a generator for you to enter to win a free gift from that shop owner! Entering is easy and you can enter every single one if you like! So sit back, read a bit, and enter for a chance to WIN!

First up:
Meet the Shop: Brigid's Grove-

Brigid’s Grove is a partnership between husband and wife team, Molly and Mark. We’ve been happily married since 1998 and have four energetic children. Molly has had a lifelong interest in women’s issues and women’s empowerment. With time, that passion came to focus on birth and breastfeeding and has continued to evolve into a commitment to the entire spectrum of Women’s Mysteries throughout the seasons of a woman’s life. Molly has maintained a birth information website for many years called Talk Birth ( While Molly created birth art during each of her pregnancies, with their third child she began making a series of polymer clay birth art goddesses to express and explore her feelings during the childbearing year. After 15 years of professional work in Computer Information Systems and ten years of metal-working as a hobby, Mark took the leap into self-employment to join the rest of his family in our home-based life in the woods of central Missouri. He expanded his interest in metalwork into pewter casting and together we began translating Molly’s birth art and goddess sculptures into an original series of handmade pewter figurines and pendants as well as resin birth goddess sculptures (perfect for birth altars!). 
Why Brigid?
Brigid is the Irish triple goddess of smithcraft/metalwork, poetry, and midwifery. She is also a Christian saint associated with midwives, birthing mothers, and infants. We chose our shop name based on how beautifully Brigid represents the interests and skills of our whole family.

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Meet the Shop: Home Baby Crafts-
My name is Cassandra and I am the owner of Home Baby Crafts.
What inspired you to open up shop?
I opened my business in November of 2011 while pregnant with my second child. One day I was admiring an Uncommon Goods magazine and saw a beautiful tree of life pendant made by Ethora. They were stunning but way out of my price range and I wanted a more realistic look,  so I decided to make my own. Who knew that a few short years later I would have my own line of unique trees and a thriving business!

What is one thing you would want everyone to know about Home Baby Crafts?I am a one woman show. While I may seek assistance in cutting out jewelry cards or putting clasps on chains, each piece is hand created by myself. I have made almost 4,000 pieces of jewelry in the past 2 ½ years! From each of these pieces, a portion of the earnings was donated to birth and mother related charity. Whether it was helping a few moms pay for doulas or purchasing books and supplies for training midwives in third world countries, or life wraps to prevent hemorrhage, each purchase made gives back… and possibly saved the lives of mothers. To read my learn more about my HBAC experience and what fuels the passion, click here.


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Meet the Shop: Monkey Mama Necklaces- 

What inspired you to open up shop?
When my son was about a year old, I became frustrated at the choice of nursing necklaces that were out there. I wanted something that would keep him focused, and keep his twiddly fingers occupied and out of my bra. However, I also wanted something robust and non toxic that I could wear as a regular piece of attractive jewellery. I'd tried necklaces with breakaway clasps, but it had become a game for Isaac to yank these off my neck at the start of a feed, and as such they'd become useless - these wouldn't be a feature of my designs!

The search began for suitable beads, and I spent months coming looking for some that didn't look childlike and plasticky and wasn't made in a Chinese factory. I finally came across the lovely handmade resin beads I use, which are made in a cottage Industry in Indonesia and ethically traded. I was over the moon when they arrived to discover that they were even more beautiful in person. After a few failed prototypes, the first Twiddle Buster necklace was eventually born.

I tentatively wondered if other mamas were also frustrated by the current choices on the market and would be interested in my necklaces to help occupy their little nurselings and sling riders. I dipped my toes in the water, listing 20 necklaces in an Etsy shop at the end of July 2011. A couple of days later, I made my first sale, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

What is one thing you would want everyone to know about Monkey Mama?
On a number of occasions I've considered expanding my business and taking on helpers, but I always come back to the decision to keep it small and personal. Monkey Mama is me, Nat. It's my values, my personality, my aesthetic and my slightly disorganized working practices. ;) I like that it's personal, that everything is designed, made and packaged by me, and I like the personal relationships with my customers. My range of styles and colorways has expanded hugely since those early days, but the same core principles remain - Monkey Mama necklaces are beautiful, functional, safe and ethical.
Etsy Shop:
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Meet the Shop: EcoAlternatives-

Greetings! My name is Traci Chandler and I am the sole proprietor of Eco Alternatives. I was inspired to open Eco Alternatives after years of cloth diapering our boys. I was having sensitivities to the traditional products sold in stores and thought, "If I use cloth for my boys, why not for me?"I have always treasured goods made by hand. The time, thought, energy, and love that is spent on a single handmade good is priceless. Whether it is a needlepoint pillow, ceramic vase, a cloth pad, or a handwritten letter, giving something handmade exudes love and thought. If I could share a few things about my business, it would be that I love what I do. I enjoy creating unique and custom products for women around the world. Embrace womanhood and treat yourself to a chuckle each month. Whether you pick pretty floral pads or a pad with owls, you are bound to view your monthly cycle a bit differently when you choose to use cloth. Enjoy the freedom from the ‘sanitary napkin’ aisle. Remember, life is full of choices!
Twitter: @ECOALTonETSY

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Meet the Shop: Tank’s Treasures-
Tank’s Treasures was created shortly after we lost our son in May 2013. It’s a way for me to put my energy in to something while creating art for others. I get my best creative inspiration in the evenings when the house is quiet and I can connect with Tank. Tank’s Treasures is a way for me to honor our son and keep his beauty alive.

This season I am focusing on the hand knit infinity scarves I make. They are so beautiful, with lots of color options, and are very warm and cozy. Its therapeutic for me to sit and arm knit these scarves. I get lost in thought and think about how our story can provide peace for other families walking the road of child loss. Each piece leaves with a part of my heart and the love of our dear angel. 

I am new to this business side, and I have enjoyed doing a few craft shows and being apart of different opportunities to donate and raise funds for certain organizations. 
I look forward to meeting so many amazingly crafty people while on this journey. I'm excited to be apart of this opportunity to spread the Tank's Treasures Love. Its all for our son who grew his wings far too soon.

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