Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY Fabric Labels

A super simple, step by step guide to making your own fabric labels!
(These instructions use Microsoft Word and Paint)

Supplies Needed-
An inkjet Printer
1 Package T-Shirt transfer paper
Ribbon (Your choice of thickness, polyester or cotton works best)
An Iron
Fray Check (optional)

Step ONE- Create your label.
First select your business image or logo (All text works best but you can use a simple image/decal as well)

Here's mine-

Open your Image in Paint-
If you want to make a single sided tag all you will need to do in this step is reverse your image. 
You can do that by going to the top right corner under rotate, click flip horizontal.

If you plan to make a double sided tag like me, you have a little more work to do. 

You will need to rotate your image one more time to the LEFT. Save as Image 1.
You will then have your 1st image that looks like this.
For a single sided tag- ( You can now move on to Step Two)

For a double sided tag  it should look like this-
 For double sided (folded tags) we can start on the other side
The other side can include your website, care instructions, or just be plain, the choice is yours. I personally wanted to put care instruction on the other side of my folded tag.

Open up a new paint and have a blank canvas that is roughly the same size as your previous image-

Open up a text box and type in your care instructions, add your website, or what ever you want the back of your tag to say. You could also insert another image.
To open text click on the A in the upper left hand corner, then click on your photo. I suggest using size 8-9 font and an easy to read text like Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial.

Just as before flip your image Horizontal, then flip it to the RIGHT. Save as Image 2

Your final back image should look like this-

Step TWO-
Open up Microsoft Word
Go to Page Layout>Margins>Narrow.
This will allow us to put as many labels on our sheet as possible.

Go to the top left again- Insert>Picture>Image1
For double sided labels add your second image- Insert>Picture>Image2

Now we need to make sure our labels are the proper size. 
Click on your image to select it.Click the tab that says 'Picture Tools' format.
On the far left adjust your size to fit your ribbon. My ribbon was 1.5 inches wide so I made my images 1.3 inches tall.

Hold the Ctrl key and hit A this will select your images. Hold the Ctrl key and hit C. Click to the right of your images, hold the Ctrl key once more and press V.  

(Crtl A= Select all, Ctrl C= Copy, Ctrl V=paste)

Copy and paste your images until your page is full of labels.

Our labels are ready to print! Do a test run on regular paper first to be sure your labels are the right size and are what you want then print out onto your t-shirt transfer paper. Since we already took the time to mirror our image all you need to do is hit print! :)

Once your labels are printed, cut your strips and iron them to your ribbon following the instruction that came with your transfer paper. 

When the labels are cool cut them out and fray check the ends so the ribbon does not fray apart. 
Allow them to dry and store them until ready to use! 

Enjoy your labels!!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

What is a Nursing Necklace?

Since June 7th, Nursing necklace have been a new featured item in my shop and I have had many ask me, "What is a nursing necklace?" That's a great question!

A Nursing Necklace is simply a stylish necklace that can withstand children.

Around the ages of 3-4 months babies start to notice more about the world around them. They begin to reach, rub, pull, and pinch what they are close to. Most of the time, that's mom. A nursing necklace is something for little ones to safely explore, aka pinch, pull, and during teething phases, nibble. Nursing necklaces are great to wear while breast-feeding, bottle-feeding, wearing baby in a sling or carrier, or even just because they look nice.

They make great gifts for new moms!

What types of nursing necklaces are there?
There are many types of Nursing Necklaces to suit a wide variety of styles!
First, there are the kind I make, Gemstone Nursing Necklaces-

Gemstone Necklaces usually have a gemstone focal. Some, like mine, are also beaded up the string. (My little guy is a pincher, so he likes to roll the beads inn is fingers tips.) Many moms like gemstone necklaces  not only because of their unique and beautiful focal, but often for the metaphysical and healing properties that are said to resonate within the stone. Each stone has different properties.

Next, there are beaded Nursing Necklaces-

Beaded Nursing Necklaces are just that, nursing necklaces that are all beads. They are usually made from wood, but may also be made of bone, glass, resin, crochet beads, fabric over wood, or gemstones.
Are they Safe? A majority of Nursing Necklaces are made with safety in mind. Colored beads are usually made with non-toxic dyes and wood beads are finished with non-toxic waxes. Beads are TIGHTLY knotted in and cords can usually withstand 20+ pounds of pulling.

(Click photos to visit their shops!)

Lastly, we have an example of a Teething Ring Nursing Necklaces,

A teething ring necklace is just as it sounds. A necklace with a teething ring. The rings are usually a natural undyed, unwaxed, wood. Some only have a ring but many are also beaded. Great for little ones who are teething and going through biting phases. (These two are an example of crochet beads and fabric over wood beading.)

Many Nursing Necklace are adjustable, either with sliding knot closures, or ties, the mother can wear a majority of them at any length she chooses.

So I encourage you, if you are a mother, know someone who is going to be a mother, a grand-mother, or just love some of these unique styles, click the photos and check out the shops!