Thursday, May 28, 2015

Baby Colgan #4 Pregnancy Journal- Week 11

So much has happened in the past few weeks! First the usually morning sickness kicked in. Some days were harder than others. Lots of nausea, gagging, and sour stomach but nothing too unbearable thankfully. Very tired and my upper back still hurt. I had been dropping the hints for months... Hubby, we need a new bed, our just doesn't cut it anymore. 8 years and 3 pregnancies left quite a dip in it. Our new KING bed arrived today and is sitting in my front yard soaking up the sun and airing out... the delivery men thought I was nuts. :P

I had my first midwife appointment last week (5/18) and easily heard baby's little heart beat. That made me happy. Then Thursday I went to my one and only OB appt to have an initial ultrasound. Baby looked and sounded great. It was precious watching him/her bounce around and suck it's thumb. Awe Baby!!

Went to my BIL wedding this weekend, that was an exhausting trip. I was happy that the morning sickness was starting to subside but a new nasty symptom reared it's ugly head. Dizziness, weakness, and double vision. I would have spells of feeling really faint. Scary! Amy(midwife) suggestion lots of water and Iron. So Floradix was added to my vitamin regimen. I have only taken a few doses but I am already feeling a bit better! So thankful for that. So now, I take liquid Calcium Mag/Zinc with dinner, a dose of liquid iron before breakfast and lunch and my folate tab in the morning. I know, I know, not a "complete" prenatal, but it is something my belly can handle as I hate pills.

I also began seeing the Chiro for my back issues, Seems to be helping so far! I am going twice a week and it helps me feel better. (not to mention our awesome mattress that I am very excited to sleep on tonight.

I am trying so hard to stay committed to making this my best pregnancy. I want to start exercising again as soon as my energy returns. I need to, my poor body feels so weak and I need it to be strong for December!