Sunday, January 3, 2016

Surviving Postpartum- Week 3

This week actually wasn't too terrible! There were good points and bad points, Points of frustration and tiredness and points of feeling relaxed and content.

Bleeding is pretty much done, just some brown here and there, that's with resuming some house work, cooking and walking. I even went to Kroger and got a huge cart of groceries. It tired me out seeing as it was the busiest I had ever seen it and I had to wait 35 minutes to check out, (it was NYE) BUT I paid a girl $5 to push my cart and load my car for me, so not too bad.

I have had a couple "touched out" spells where I just wanted to put Andew down for a bit and I feel bad because my other 2 little ones have really been lacking on mommy attention and I can tell they are needing some extra love. A little hard at points, especially while nursing.

We have also noticed the past few days Andrew has been VERY fussy... I had forgotten all about witching hours. You know, that point in the day where for 2-4 hours your baby is a fussy, all I want to do is nurse, mess.... yeah. Hard to do much of anything when he is clinging and wanting to nurse like crazy. *sigh*

However, today I did go out and get my hair trimmed, bought myself a capsule wardrobe so I can wear something other than old, been through 3 pregnancies, maternity clothes. I am ready to feel like an individually functioning being again... although I plan to nurse Andrew a full year, exercise, getting out, and doing things that help me feel good about myself are all on my plan to avoid PPD.

Other things accomplished this week, I made a menu for the month to cut down on eating out, and Scott and I got some goals planned for paying off debt, including taking pictures and selling most the crap in our yard sale pile. I also re-opened HBC and got some trees made. The most interesting project though was tie-dying my moby wrap! I love the way the colors came out.

I would say the only real "con" this past week has been my digestion. I have really been having a tough time going to the bathroom. I assume it is because baby is taking up all my liquids and the (let's face it) lovely hemorrhoids from pushing him out have made it hard. I actually went 6 days without going to the bathroom and hurting... yeah... had my first ever enema, that was an interesting experience I hope to never go through again. While things are still slow and rocky (pun intended) Taking calcium mag, upping water intake, eating fiber bars, and 6oz of daily prune juice seem to have started to help.

Here's to hoping week 4 will be better in the digestion department and that Andrew will calm his fussy butt some!