Monday, June 18, 2012

Oh How I long....

I love art. I love making trees. It's fun, enjoyable, and cool to know that others are wearing my pieces yet, I want so much more. I want to be a midwife... BUT... it's just not my time. I have 2 young children and plan on having more in the upcoming years. 
I long so badly though, to be with birthing women as their midwife. I have so much love and so much compassion and I just want to pour it out to every pregnant woman I see. I want to make sure she is safe, loved, and cared for. Even if it is something as humble as cleaning up, getting a glass of water, holding a hand...I want so badly to give to women. Love. I believe how a woman feels at her birth can affect her in many ways, I know mine did.

To me a midwife is a guardian of birth. She protects the mother and child and encourages them as they work together. She stays back, low in profile so that the mother can focus but close enough that all her needs can be met. She watches carefully ensuring all is well. Her love is so strong that it radiates through everything. Then at that joyous moment when the new life makes its way earth side she can share in the joy, the success, the victory, all while keeping a close eye...or in that slim chance when things don't always go as planned she can be a trusted rock of comfort in scary situations. Why because of love
Could there be a more fulfilling profession?

I think it is impossible to be a good midwife if you can't fully open your heart and love birthing women.

Elephants understand this need. When a female is birthing, they all stand around her, guarding her from harm and occasionally sounding out encouragement. When her work is done they all shout out with love and joy and greet the new life and comfort the mother. Elephants understand the need for love and guardianship. 

I love my children and in no way to I want to rush their growing, but until they are a bit older I'm left to give in other ways, longing for the day that I can serve women and humbly call myself a midwife.


  1. What a beautiful post! Reading things like this helps me focus on all the good in the world. You will make a wonderful midwife someday!

    1. Thanks Holly! That really means a lot to me. :D All I can do is my best!


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