Monday, June 4, 2012

Get Ready NY, Because Here I Come

This Thursday is the long awaited BIRTH! The Play in Syracuse, NY. I can't begin to express my excitement to be apart of this event! If that was not enough to be excited for, my friend Patti is going with me and we are staying with another friend and taking a mini vacation. Ahhh. If there is one place that I think is absolutely gorgeous, it's the Finger lakes. We're going to go hike in Filmore Glen along the waterfalls, eat an organic, 5 star meal, in the middle of the country at Elderberry Pond, Tour the Montazuma Winery.... While I love Ohio and being so much closer to my family, I can't help but miss the beauty of Central New York.

I have so much to do before the trip, cleaning, packing, getting the boys ready to go camping, making pendents and getting ready to vend. Especially prepping to vend. I have so many abstracts left to make, make all their chains, and package them. I am going to sell both silver and bronze.
I am using a new packaging style for easy vending. Just praying that they do well at the play to help cover the cost of my trip. Maybe the cute infant in the Moby will help attract people over my way. ;)

Speaking of trips, I've got my eye on another place to go at the end of the summer... If I am going to become a midwife someday, where better to go enjoy a weekend then the hub of Spiritual Midwifery... The Farm <3 But I'll go on more about that another day.

<3 Cassandra

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