Saturday, June 23, 2012

Earring Tutorial- Simple, Stunning, Dangle Earrings

This tutorial is for a simple and elegant, dangle earrings.
So lets get started!
Supplies needed- 
-2 Headpins
-6" 22 Gauge Wire
-2 Earring Hooks
-6 Beads, Various Sizes
-Optional Bead Caps
-Wire snips
- Chain nose pliers
-Round nose pliers
(I'm using 6mm cream faceted glass druks, 6mm turquoise druks, 4mm cream Swarvorski crystals, with bight brass wire, and findings.)
To Begin take your "optional" bead cap and the largest bead and string them onto the headpin.
Place your pliers on top of the bead,
Bend the wire around the pliers.
Turn the pliers a bit and continue to wrap the wire to create a loop.
Bend the loop straight.
Give it a snip.
Repeat with the matching bead, so you have two.
To form the second bead link take your length of wire and make a 45 degree angle about 1/2" in.
Wrap the small tail around the tip of the pliers.
Give it a snip and you have a loop!
String on your second bead.
Bend the wire length to the side and wrap it around the pliers to make a top loop.
Give it a snip and repeat with your second bead.
For the final bead, start it the same what you did your second, by making a loop and placing the bead on the wire.
This time instead of bending the wire towards the side, we'll bend it to the front so it lays right on the hook.
Wrap it around the pliers to make a loop.
Now to put our pieces together!
Take your bottom bead and open it's loop.
 Place on your middle bead and and squeeze it closed.
Open your next bead link loop, and add the last bead link then squeeze it closed.
Add the earring hook in the same fashion and you have a finished earring! Repeat with the other beads.
Once done, admire your finished earrings!
Hope you all enjoy and good luck on your project!
Next Week''s Project-
Easy, Solitaire Flower Blossom Ring

<3 Cassandra

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