Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bracelet Tutorial- How to Create an Interlocked Wire-Wrapped Bracelet

This tutorial is for a basic interlocked wire-wrapped bracelet.
I absolutely love the durability of this bracelet. The interlocked bead links make it tough. This style is dainty but strong and makes a good anklet.
So lets get started!
Supplies needed- 
-About 2ft, 24 Gauge wire
-About 12-18 Beads depending on size and style.
-1 Clasp
-Wire snips
- Chain nose pliers
-Round nose pliers
(I'm using 4mm raspberry aventurine, 4mm Fresh water pearls, 4mm green Czech fired rondelles,  4mm taupe Czech glass rondelles, Vintage brass wire, and findings.)

Because this is a two handed project, pictures were hard to do so I created a video instead.
Here's how to start the bracelet and create the bead links

Continue with the technique shown in the video creating and interlocking each link.
Add more....
And more....
And more links until you finally reach your desired length, my bracelet is about 7 1/2" long.
For the last link, instead of closing it off like the rest, just simply slide on the other clasp piece before twisting it closed.
And there you have it! A gorgeous bracelet that is dainty, yet strong. You can use any color or style of beads, any wire and clasp. This design has endless possible outcomes!
Hope you all enjoy and good luck on your project!
Next Week''s Project-
Simple, Stunning, Dangle Earrings

<3 Cassandra

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