Sunday, June 10, 2012

Back in Ohio, Invigorated and Refreshed

Amazing! That is all I can say about my trip to New York.

First thing Patti and I had to look forward to upon arriving was seeing our dear friend Val. She came to Ohio after A.L. was born and took care of us for 10 days so I could focus on getting to know my little one and recuperating. So Lord knows, I was excited to see her! The first thing we enjoyed together was BIRTH! The play. I can hardly begin to describe how wonderful every woman fit her part, taking on the persona of the birthing women as if it was their own stories they were sharing. I laughed, I cried, I related, and felt a connection among all the women who were there. We all shared a passion for birth and a respect for process of giving life.
Photo Courteous of Heather Haywood

It touched my heart. Now all I can think is, how do I get this play to Columbus, Ohio? I've got some figuring out to do, but I will. I met a lot of great women was grateful for my opportunity to vend and finally meet in person one of the ladies who helped me on my journey to VBAC, Chris Goldman.
Overall the play was amazing! I want to thank the ladies who put on the performance,
Danielle Synborski, Aimee Brill, Rosmyn Squitieri, Sarah Oakley, Meghan Wilson, Taylor Davis, Melissa Pavlus, Mandy Brown Walters, Sarah Eiley Cowherd, Meg Tobin, 
Kari Gardner,  and Danan Tsan 
and the few brave hubby's and children who made special appearances.

I also want to thank all the people behind the scenes who made this play a possibility and to all the people who contributed to this awesome event!

The day after the play we decided to relax, and where better than one of the most beautiful places I know? Fillmore Glen
Enjoy the pictures...

From there we went for Pizza at my favorite place in Auburn NY, 
They make everything homemade, the sauce, the crust, marinaded mushrooms...YUM! Best Pizza in Auburn!
I then went shopping at Maurices with my dear friend Amie, and she finally got to meet my little guy! That night we ate, relaxed, and played Yahtzee. :)
The next day it was time to go home, I was bummed because I felt my time there went way to fast but Patti, A.L. and I, got in one more adventure and stopped at the Montezuma Winery on our way out of town for some tasting. (I highly recommend trying their Diamond, So Good!)

I had such a great time! I was so blessed to see my friends and am thankful for ALL the awesome people I could share this time with.

<3 Cassandra

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