Monday, June 29, 2015

My Vision of My Perfect 4th Birth

My perfect birth.
As suggested by my midwives, I wrote down my birth story as I would like it to be.  

I will likely have contractions for weeks leading up to my birth and already be about 3-5 cm dilated before true labor even hits from all the prodromal labor. I will feel frustrated, pissy, and tired. I know myself well enough. I will be done being pregnant! I have a feeling labor will start in the afternoon while Scott is at work. I'm making lunch for the kids, irritated that I have been crampy and miserable all morning only to be hit with a hard contraction that has me calling Scott and the midwives to come. They hit hard and fast, but unlike last time I will bear them better, because I know baby will come quickly and smoothly. Plus I have 2 little ones that need me to be calm. "Get them settled and run yourself a bath" I tell myself.

Scott will have sped home and come in to help. I'm thankful it is still above freezing outside and the roads are clear and traffic should be light. I will get in the bath tub and he will put blankets or towels in a bag in the oven and set the kids up with a show while I continue to holler from the bathroom in labor mode. "Scott, get my fan, I need air." Air circulating has always helped me when I am in pain. Feeling like I can breathe well and my body stays cool helps. I get out of the tub and he wraps me in a warm towel as I sit on my hands and knees in front of the fan. I know Amy and Jill are both on their way. They know to come quick. one or two more contractions hit and I feel the need to push. I've only been laboring about an hour but I need to push. Scott grabs the chux pads, gloves, and warm blankets in a rush. He texts Amy/Jill: door's unlocked, we're pushing... Just then, Jill arrives. She was pulling in the driveway when she got the text and is by Scott's side, Baby is almost ready to crown. I feel that intense burning, the pain and I bite down on a towel and do my best to focus on breathing. Next thing I know Amy is there too. All three of them are around me and ready for the next moment...I push just twice and our sweet baby arrives earth side. Amy helps Scott as he catches our baby and Jill applies counter pressure to help keep me from tearing. This birth was so easy! Not as intense, not as scary. The pushing definitely hurt but went fast and wasn't too bad. No tears and minimal swelling! Heck at this point my babies are practically falling out..The placenta comes out soon after, easily and with almost no effort on my end.  

Less than an hour and a half start to finish, all that annoying prodromal labor was worth it. I got a quick and smooth birth and I feel great! Only a cup or so of blood lost, the baby and my vitals are perfect and everyone was there just in time for the best part. We move to the freshly made bed and spend our golden hour together. Scott makes me some toast with peanut butter and banana...wait, dang kids hogged all the banana's... guess we'll go with honey and a warm cup of tea and some Tylenol to help with the after pains. Jill runs me a nice warm Epsom salt bath to clean up and soak my bottom while daddy gets his turn to meet the baby. Amy put on another Mickey Mouse movie for the kids and give them a snack.  All clean and dressed, I come back and Amy weighs the baby. 6 pounds 15 ounces! 19 1/2 inches long. Our smallest baby yet but still very plump, healthy, and perfect. Jill checks my uterus and bleeding again, I'm great and barely sore! It's getting close to supper time and the midwives leave to head home. Scott pops a pre-made Lasagna in the oven and all the kids are on the bed looking at the new baby. We're all in love. A wonderful birth to end my child bearing years with. We look at our baby, Happy to be done, slightly sad that it's our last and excited for the future. Our family is complete. 


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