Monday, June 15, 2015

Baby Colgan #4 Pregnancy Journal- Week 14

Oh morning sickness, why do you tease me so? Some days I think, I may be past it! I'm in my second trimester! Then you hit me like a ton of bricks when a smelly guy at Kroger passes by and continue to plague me only to disappear and make me think maybe I'm nuts.

Let me tell you about that. There I was at Kroger, feeling fine, then out of nowhere a man caught my attention, or better yet, my nose's attention. He smelled like he smoked 2 packs of stale cigarettes a day and just got done working out without deodorant. I grabbed a veggie bag and fled the scene, trying to keep the contents of my stomach down and find uncontaminated air to breathe. I made it away and thought, if I hurry I should be safe... but no, smokey cut across the store and cut me off at the dairy isle and before I had a chance to run.... blehhhhhhh..... right into the veggie bag. He looked at me with that look of mixed disgust and concern and said "Ew, what's wrong with you are you okay?" No I'm not OKAY! I shoved past him and said, " I'm sorry, I'm pregnant and you stink" and I got out of there as quickly as I could, thankful I only needed a few things... SO AWFUL!

Saw the midwives today, talked to them about a lot of the things on my mind between Aiden running around like a crazy child and my children tearing into things. Told them about my appointment with Dr. S and how the are charging me $397 for STD testing I opted not to do but they did anyway, then tried to claim it was a law and I couldn't get a birth certificate without it... can I call bullshit? Not to mention $655 for an ultrasound, $139 for the technician that did the ultrasound, and $205 for the basic Dr. appt, that didn't include the check up... I am kicking myself in the ass for even going there, I usually like to go to the first appt. to make sure all is well for me to VBAC but I should have just spent $125 and went to Ultrasona at that rate. Geeze.

Let see, what else have I been feeling? Frequent Braxton Hicks, the baby move when I lay down at night (mostly if I am on my belly, Yay for the placenta being in the back!) frequent loose stools, which I think may be from eggs... though I have never been allergic to eggs before, though I read it is common to develop and increase sensitivities to allergens while pregnant. Energy is up some and I am trying to get things in my garden... Still trying to stay positive and not slack too badly on my vitamins, I need to be better about it... I really do. I have been trying to clean up our diet some with less fast food and more home cooking. It's hard when I am so tired though.

Well I guess that is all for now, I'm catching a cold/sore throat and plan to lay down, maybe drink some hot tea.


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