Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Holy Pop Rocks! It Costs How Much?!?

So as mentioned before, I have taken the giant leap into the amazing world of precious metals. Woot! Home Baby Crafts is now offering recycled, solid, Sterling Silver trees and chains. Since I am new to the precious metals market, I thought I would take some time and peruse through Etsy at some other trees in silver to see what the going rate was... My jaw dropped (If my jaw really could drop all the way to the floor I am sure it would have.) Prices ranged from $95-$260 per tree.... O_O

Now, as a disclaimer, I understand the need to cover cost of materials, time put into the piece, etc. and I am in no way saying that the price an individual puts on their work is not worthy, but I think my mom's husband got it right. I'm selling mall like merchandise at a Wal-Mart price.

You know what though, I am perfectly okay with that. I don't need to make a giant profit off of each piece. I think that I would rather be reasonable so that many people can enjoy my jewelry, rather than only the few that can afford to. As long as I am able to donate each month to my favorite organizations, I'm a happy camper.

Speaking of donations... I have a piece up in a giveaway! If you haven't entered just yet follow this link and enter!

<3 Cassandra

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