Thursday, July 26, 2012

Oh to catch some Zzzz's

I really haven't forgotten about my blog, the contrary actually, I have been wanting to get on here quite a bit and share all the various things that are happening yet, finding the time seems almost impossible.
In the past few weeks we have been out of state and out of town at least 6 times, I signed up to help coordinate and be a spokes person for Improving Birth National Rally (yay!), I have designed a few new pieces, created over 15 custom orders on top of creating at least 10 made to order trees, all while keeping up with my home responsibilities. Between all the emails, letters, orders, kids and cleaning my blog took the back burner.

My blog is not the only thing that seems to be sitting on the back burner, I don't think that I have taken enough time for myself in the last 3 weeks at least. I did get my hair cut....while nursing a fussy baby under my cape...Everyday I feel exhausted and my house and health are taking the toll.
1. I know I need to drink more
2. I know I need to eat more
3. I know I need to sleep more
4. I need to take time to breathe.

Right now I am lucky, A.L. is sleeping and A.S. is watching is a rarity that my four year old sit and watch anything....I am enjoying my 18 minutes of peace.

I definitely don't want to get burnt out, so I decided that I am going to take a vacation in August. For one week, no internet, no facebook, no T.V.....just me and my family. I plan to work on new pieces, go on a few hikes, maybe a massage, just a little time to catch some R&R. I wish I could have some other momma's join me, I know I am not the only one who needs it!!! 

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